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"It's About Time."

Get a fast Oil Change along with additional checks for your vehicle's preventative maintenance with up to date technology by friendly hometown technicians. Come experience the difference today.

Find a Location.

Find a location with a preferred motor oil brand in the greater Miami area. We're in Southwest Miami, Miami Gardens and Little Havana.

More Ways to Save.

Regular oil changes can mean big savings in the long run by helping to avoid major engine trouble. We'll help you save each and every time you visit with helpful deals and promotions.

Get Free Dolphins Tickets.

The Dolphins are competing in their 51st NFL season in 2016. Contact us today to find out how you can get free tickets from Hometown Lube to see the Dolphins play.

Fast Oil Change Service

Our fast and friendly Oil Change service by talented and family oriented hometown technicians is conveniently available in Miami and the greater South Florida community. There are service centers in Southwest Miami, Miami Gardens and Little Havana. We strive each and every time to provide you with a pleasant visit and get your Oil Change service completed in just 10 minutes.

Get Regular Oil Changes

As the lifeblood of your vehicle's engine, the motor oil is constantly performing critical tasks while you're on the road. And regular Oil Change visits help an engine operate stronger and at optimized efficiency levels. A regular Oil Change also means benefits such as improved gas mileage and lower overall maintenance costs over the life of your vehicle. It also means a safer vehicle.

What Does the Oil Do?

The motor oil protects your vehicle's engine by lubricating moving parts. It also keeps internal engine components cool and clean from harmful deposits. Without regular Oil Change services it's highly likely the helpful motor oil additives will get used up and cause the oil to degrade - meaning sludge and deposits will build up. Getting your engine oil drained will remove contaminants.

Saving Money

On average, the oil change service will cost between twenty-five and thirty-five dollars. It's possible to sometimes spend less if you take advantage of our promotions. The average pricing is for conventional motor oil, not synthetic motor oil. Synthetic motor oil will most likely be about double the price. The reason is that it is higher performing oil. Our technicians will recommend which type is right for your car. Plus, our technicians will include other life-extending services along with your oil change such as tire pressure checks and topping off fluids.


Oil Change Service
Our Oil Change service is much more than just an oil change. We'll help keep your vehicle operating safely.


Air Filtration Services
Engine & Cabin Air Filters are checked to ensure optimal fuel combustion + engine performance & optimal interior air quality.


Tire Rotation Service
Regularly rotating your tires can evenly distribute their wear-helping you get the most miles out of your tires while maximizing traction.


Fleet Services
We have a comprehensive Fleet Services program that can help you keep your vehicles on the road and your drivers productive.

Experienced Technicians

Our talented and experienced technicians ensure vital automotive processes are in working order via comprehensive repairs and refills of lube and coolant. The team’s customer-centric approach turns even routine oil changes into thorough vehicular physicals, as techs top off fluids, inspect tire pressure, and more.

360° Virtual Tour

Experience our shop before your visit! Step inside to take a 360° virtual tour and have a look around.


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